Bitcoin Wallet Download

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Bitcoin Wallet Download

On unix-like systems, ), adding rpcuser and rpcpassword parameters (they should be chosen at random) In a command-line terminal (e.

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Keep the thumb drive plugged in and restart your computer.

Lucky for us, there is easy to use software that does this for us.

Open your file explorer (looks like a house on a folder at the top of the menu to the left), move your mouse to the top left of the monitor.

If it doesn t automatically start Ubuntu, you may have to hit the Esc or Del key as your computer is booting up.

It should be the top option on the drop down menu.

You should see a familiar menu now including file, edit and more.

Warning: the current version is only a preview which runs on the testnet, it is not easy to use and set up.

The best way to contact is through).

ChromaWallet is brought to you by a team of open source developers led by.

Make sure you save it to a place you will remember because we will be needing it later.

Once Ubuntu is running, go ahead and connect to the internet.

So don t download the Windows edition.

Make sure that you do not overwrite your file and I would recommend making more then 1 thumb drive just in case something happens to your main.

Now we need to make a boot-able thumb drive.

Bitcoin Wallet Download

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